2183 days (Trailer)

Filmed over the period of five years; a rare and unique cinematic observation by artist and award-winning filmmaker Natasha De Betak who has been filming this true story and a deeply moving portrait of a Holy man Nagnath Baba. For five years, Baba has been on hunger strike in the holy city of Varanasi to save India's most sacred river, Ganga. Year after year, his body crumbles. He is haunted by both dreams and nightmares. Life continues to flow around his body and his temple; prayers and rituals are only food for that starvation. His sacred existence takes surreal shape. Then on the 2183rd day, Baba’s hunger strike takes his life. The river Ganga continues to flow -unchanged. Expressionism and poetry meet to create a sublime journey of an unusual soul.

(2183 DAYS. Color. 25 minutes. To watch the full work, please send an email to the artist)

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